"Your Veterinary

Toolbox 2025"




08:30-17:00   PRE-CONGRESS TOURS
                        (ensemble between 08:00-08:15, departure @ Congress Centre 1931, Oude Engelenseweg 1, 's-Hertogenbosch)

17:00-18:30   WELCOME DRINK @ Galloway

17:00-20:00   REGISTRATION OPEN @ Congress Centre 1931



09:00-10:30   @ Limousin 

(session supported by ZOETIS)

The cattle vet in 2025: a cord dancer between societal and business requirements
Rens van Dobbenburgh (President FVE, NL)

The veterinary multi-tool under development
Christianne Bruschke (Chief Veterinary Officer, NL)

How can veterinarians together with farmers contribute to a successful dairy sector in 2025?
Arian Kamp (Dairy Farmer, NL)

Ruminant health care in circular agriculture
Martin Scholten (Animal Sciences Group WUR, NL)

Moderator: Theo Lam (Royal GD, Utrecht University, NL)


10:30-11:00   Coffee/Tea Break @ Exhibition

11:00-12:30   @ Limousin


The future profession; are we prepared?
Wim Kremer (Utrecht University, NL)

The availability and training of cattle veterinarians in the UK. What does the future hold?
John Fishwick (British Veterinary Association and Royal Veterinary College, UK)

Let’s give our veterinary toolbox a clean-up
Caroline Huetink (Veterinary Practice ‘t Leijdal, NL)

Healthy cows by optimising on - farm workflows - Does veterinary education prepare for this?
Annette Prohl (Veterinary Practice Agro Prax, DE)

Moderator: Geart Benedictus (Redbad, NL)


11:00-12:30   @ Dexter 11

(session supported by CEVA)

Managing for optimal oocyte and embryo quality: long-term thinking in a rapidly evolving repro-toolbox 
Jo Leroy (Antwerp University, BE)

(93)      Evaluating methods of measuring oestrus detection
              J.G. Remnant (University of Nottingham, UK)

(21)      Relationship between ovarian activity and metabolites in dairy cows with short dry period lengths
            J. Ma (Wageningen University & Research, NL)

(77)      The effect of prepartal vitamin D3 on puerperal uterine contractility and blood Ca2+ in dairy cows
              Á. Cs. Bajcsy (University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, DE) 


11:00-12:30   @ Dexter 21-22


Toolbox to control helminths and anthelmintic resistance
Laura Rinaldi (University of Naples Frederico II, IT)

(5)        Cryptosporidium parvum animal model in neonatal calves                                             
            D. Smits (Royal GD, NL)

(12)      Targeted Selective Treatment for control of gastrointestinal nematodes in an organic beef herd
            K. Ellis (University of Glasgow, UK)

(68)      Quantitative detection of C. parvum oocysts compared to diarrhea in experimentally infected calves
            E. van Engelen (Royal GD, NL)                                    


12:30-13:30   Poster Presentations & Lunch @ Exhibition


13:30-15:00   @ Limousin


Practice ownership, never a dull moment: advantages, opportunities and challenges
Fieke van Genugten (Veterinary Practice Doetinchem-Zeddam, NL)

Practice ownership - An Italian point of view
Francesco Testa (Veterinary Practice Bergamo, IT)

Why we need independent practice
David Black (Paragon Veterinary Group, XL Vets, UK)

Transitions in veterinary care and practice ownership from a corporate perspective
Jan Lievaart (Evidensia, NL)

Moderator: Jan Willem Hesselink (Utrecht University, NL)


13:30-15:00   @ Dexter 11


The future utility of microbiome data in assessing udder health and improving milk quality
Pamela Adkins (University of Missouri, USA) 

(19)      New bio-markers for selective dry cow therapy
            L. Viora (University of Glasgow, UK)

(25)      Selective dry cow treatment at quarter level; the next step in antibiotic reduction?
            J.S. Swinkels (MSD Animal Health, NL)

(44)      Current status of dry cow therapy in northern Germany
            S. Woudstra (University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, DE)


13:30-15:00   @ Dexter 21-22


How will precision dairy farming impact your work in 2025?
Arnold Harbers (NEDAP, NL) 

(40)      Reducing bimodality by optimizing treatment time in an automatic milking system
             A. Gouw (Lely International, NL)

(18)      Evaluation of lameness detection using radar sensing in cattle
            M.S. Tomlinson (University of Glasgow, UK)                                 

(87)      Dairy cow body-condition-related feature extraction using 3D vision
            X. Song (Lely Innovation, NL)


15:00-15:30   Coffee/Tea Break @ Exhibition

15:30-17:00   @ Limousin 

(session sponsored by Hipra)

BRSV: the latest practitioner’s insights and NASYM vaccine launch

15:35   Colin Lindsay (Veterinary Consultancy Ltd, UK) will give you the latest insights about BRSV using more than 26 years of experience as a veterinary practitioner and consultant. 

16:30   Leonard Theron (Technical and Marketing Manager, HIPRA Benelux, BE) will share all the ins and outs about HIPRA’s innovative and flexible BRSV vaccine during this practical lecture. 


15:30-17:00   @ Dexter 11


Nutrition and metabolic diseases in the transition period
Sabine Mann (Cornell University, USA) 

(99)     Effects of glycerol-esters on immune, health and growth variables in veal calves
           C.K. Masmeijer (Ghent University, BE)

(72)     Liver function and composition  in states of phosphorus deficiency in transition dairy cows
           W. Grünberg (University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, DE)

(48)     Concentrations of copper and molybdenum in bovine liver  
           S. Carp-van Dijken (Royal GD, NL)


15:30-17:00   @ Dexter 21-22


The vicious circle; transforming our understanding of claw horn disease
Jon Huxley (Massey University, NZ)

(67)      The use of risk assessments in lameness herd health management
            K. Orsel (University of Calgary, CA)                                                   

(34)      The cow pedogram - Do we need to know about this new tool?                    
            A. Steiner (University of Bern, CH)

(13)      Monitoring concentrations of biotin, zinc and manganese in bulk milk of Dutch dairy farms                                             
            M.J. van Egmond (Royal GD, NL)


17:00-18:30   DRINKS @ Exhibition  
                       (sponsored by Dopharma)


19:30-22:30   CONGRESS DINNERGT Hotel Central - ‘s-Hertogenbosch (by ticket)



09:00-10:30   @ Limousin

(session supported by Vetoquinol | VetIMPRESS)

A day in the life of a bovine vet - will classical phenotypic diagnostics still have a place
Andrew Biggs (The Vale Veterinary Group, UK)

How can Big Data fit in the diagnostic toolkit of veterinary medicine, current possibilities and future challenges
Miel Hostens (Utrecht University, NL)

Training the machine in veterinary diagnostics
Rob Wanders (CGI, NL)

To sequence, or not to sequence, that is the question
Aart van Amerongen(BioSensing & Diagnostics, Wageningen University & Research, NL)

Moderator: Jet Mars (Royal GD, NL)


09:00-10:30   @ Dexter 11


Monitoring, predicting and controlling hypocalcaemia - practical tips
James Husband (Evidence Group, UK)

(62)      Efficacy of a salicylic-acid bedding conditioner in dry cow housing on new intra mammary infections              
            S. Sietsma (University Farm Animal Practice, NL)

(91)      Correlation of Serum Haptoglobin Level of Fresh Dairy Cows to Clinical Health Parameters  
            R. S. Schmitt (Free University of Berlin, DE)

(33)      Macromineral concentrations in serum of dry cows and associations with postpartum diseases  
            S.G.A. van der Drift (Royal GD, NL)


09:00-10:30   @ Dexter 21-22


(53)      Iron deficiency anaemia in whole milk fed calves
            J.E. Allan (Royal Veterinary College, UK)

(11)      Lung ultrasonography to reduce antimicrobial therapy length in an outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis                              
            L. De Cremer (Ghent University, BE)

(51)      Reference intervals for thrombocytes and leukocytes in Dutch calves aged 0-2 months in two studies
            E. Strous   (Utrecht University, NL)

(63)      Understanding diagnostic practices to improve decision-making: a study of UK diagnostic test usage 
            L. Jerram (Royal Veterinary College, UK)

(89)      Quantification of locomotion scoring on sensor based behavioral parameters in dairy cattle                                          
            P.R. Hut (Utrecht University, NL)

(100)    Do Point of Care Tests for Bovine Mastitis can Reduce Antimicrobial Use Without Animal Welfare loss?   
            F. B. Malcata (University of Glasgow, UK)


10:30-11:00   Coffee/Tea Break @ Exhibition


11:00-12:30   @ Limousin


Mental and professional well-being amongst cattle practitioners: should we look at the individual or the profession?
Diether Prins (The Farm Vet Company, UK)

Creating workplace well-being
Ron de Jong (Veterinary Happiness, NL)

Bridging the gap
Rimke van Nesselrooij (Dierenkliniek Benschop, NL) 

Will this be my future….?
Tijn Bettink (Spaarne Coaching, NL)

Moderator: Rozan van Rossum (Diergeneeskundig Centrum Oisterwijk, NL)


11:00-12:30   @ Dexter 11


Control of infectious diseases in cattle: challenges and opportunities for the practitioner
Raphaël Guatteo (Oniris-Nantes, FR)

(24)      BVD virus prevalence in dairy cattle herds in Greece                
            N. Panousis (School of Health Sciences, GR)

(16)      BRD vaccination reduces strongly the use of antibiotics in Dutch dairy calves
            G.B. Wille (Slingeland Dierenartsen, NL)

(39)      A retrospective study of caudal vena cava thrombosis in 17 cows                
            B. Ravary-Plumioën (Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d'Alfort, FR)


11:00-12:30   @ Dexter 21-22


Welfare assurance for the housed dairy cow
Nick Bell (BOS International Ltd., UK) 

(20)      Cattle welfare self-assessment and benchmarking tool via mobile application                  
            M. Thys (ILVO, BE)

(102)    Associations between cortisol, ?-globulin and body weight upon arrival in veal calves  
            C.K. Masmeijer (Ghent University, BE)


12:30-13:30   Poster Presentations & Lunch @ Exhibition (sponsored by Dopharma)


13:30-15:00   @ Limousin


The veterinary voice: how can we be influential?
Jan Vaarten (Executive director FVE, BE) 

A beautiful melody, but a bit louder please!
Merel Langelaar (Royal Dutch Veterinary Association, NL)

The European E-bay for cattle
Lianne van Dongen (Vee en Logistiek, NL) 

The veterinary voice – a perspective from Ireland
Michael Doherty (University College Dublin, IE)

Moderator: Tine van Werven (Utrecht University and ULP, NL)


13:30-15:00   @ Dexter 11


Use of data in support of youngstock rearing
Inge Santman-Berends (Royal GD, NL) 

(37)      Incidence and cause of calf death from 2000 Scottish beef cows over two seasons         
            T.E. Geraghty (SRUC, UK)

(10)      BALf cytology and (quantitative) bacteriology in calves with respiratory infection           
            K. Van Leenen (Ghent University, BE)

(80)      Impact of cleaning and disinfection of milking equipment on bacterial counts in first colostrum          
            M. van Asselt (Aeres University of Applied Sciences, NL)


13:30-15:00   @ Dexter 21-22


Golden Burden of Animal Disease - why it is needed and what value will it add to the bovine industry
Jonathan Rushton (University of Liverpool, UK) 

(38)      Economic comparison between abrupt drying off with cabergoline and gradual cessation of lactat
            K. Krogh (Ceva, FR)

(97)      Vaccination against Bovine Respiratory Disease lowers the total rearing costs of dairy young stock                              
            B.H.P. van den Borne (Wageningen University, NL)

(115)    Economic evaluation of mastitis vaccination based on Simherd modeling: a case study in three dairy herds   
            H. Caron   (Dierenkliniek 't Leijdal, NL)


15:00-15:30   Coffee/Tea Break @ Exhibition


15:30-17:00   @ Limousin 

(session sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim)


Epidemiology forced by biology: Pestiviruses in Switzerland 
Prof. Dr Matthias Schweizer (Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern, CH)

Combatting viruses in a one health approach 
Prof. Albert Osterhaus (University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover, DE)

An update on BVDV and eradication 
Lucy Metcalfe (Boehringer Ingelheim, DE)


15:30-17:00   @ Dexter 11


(8)        Development and validation of an ELISA for detection of Treponema antibodies in bulk milk                                           
            M.H. Mars (Royal GD, NL)

(55)      Survival of Digital Dermatitis Treponemes on Hoof Knives and Disinfection to Prevent Transmission   
            A. Gillespie (University of Liverpool, UK)

(59)      Efficacy of a non-antibiotic enzyme alginogel on digital dermatitis in dairy cattle
            J. Hesseling (Utrecht University, NL)

(46)      Treatment of non-healing white line disease with a topical spray  containing chelated copper and zinc 
            D.D.J.A.M. Roijackers (Intracare BV, NL)

(81)      The Prevalence of Lameness in UK Beef Cattle                            
            J. Tunstall (University of Liverpool, UK)

(66)      The best treatment for sole ulcers - should we bandage or not?                   
            M. Klawitter (Freie Universität Berlin, DE)


15:30-17:00   @ Dexter 21-22


Veterinary communication on herd health: Motivational interviewing and farmer change language 
Kristen Reyher (University of Bristol, UK)

(60)      Nordic transdisciplinary training of future dairy advisors
            L. Fruergaard (Viking Danmark, DK)

(114)    Blended learning as a tool for feedback in local practices
            J.M. Parlevliet (University Utrecht, NL)

(98)      Veterinary advice and intervention during extreme weather events and disasters
            D.G.J. Prins (The Farm Vet Academy, UK)


17:00-18:30   GENERAL ASSEMBLY ECBHM @ Limousin (for members only)


17:00-18:30   DRINKS @ Exhibition (sponsored by Dechra | AST farma)


19:30-01:00   GALA DINNER & PARTY Orangerie - ’s-Hertogenbosch (by ticket)



09:00-10:30   @ Limousin

(session supported by ZOETIS)

Innovation in udder health
Ynte Schukken (Royal GD, NL)

(70)      Can differential somatic cell count at dry-off help to predict postpartum mastitis prevalence?                                        
            J. Cainzos (Elanco Animal Health, US)

(74)      The impact of the first lactation days on udder health in German dairy heifers                 
            M. tho Seeth (Chamber of Agriculture Lower Saxony, DE)

(83)      The effect of automatic cluster remover settings on milking performance and teat condition                                        
            M. Wieland (Cornell University, US)


09:00-10:30   @ Dexter 11


(22)      Low prevalence of paratuberculosis in Bavaria: relax or react?                  
            I. Lorenz (Tiergesunheitsdienst Bayern e.V., DE)

(75)      Mannheimia haemolytica in adult dairy cows - a case report from Germany
            K. Stemme (MSD Tiergesundheit, Intervet Deutschland, DE)

(49)      Mannheimia haemolytica infections as an emerging cause of mortality in dairy cows in The Netherlands                 
            J. het Lam (Royal GD, NL)

(76)      A new phase in the control of BoHV1 in the Netherlands - an update on the progress
            H.W.F. Waldeck (Royal GD, NL)

(6)        Identification of Mycoplasma bovis directly from bronchoalveolar lavage fluid with MALDI-TOF MS                          
            J. Bokma   (Ghent University, BE)

(56)      Dynamics of an acute Mycoplasma bovis outbreak in Dutch dairy farms    
            P.M. Penterman (Royal GD, NL)


09:00-10:30 @ Dexter 21-22


(52)      Cocoa byproducts as a possible cause of acute illness and death in intensively fed cattle
            L. Gille (Université de Liège, BE)

(79)      Outbreak of post-parturient hemoglobinuria associated with hypophosphatemia in a dairy herd                                   
            H. Casalta (University of Liège, BE)

(84)      Management factors related to new IMI during the dry period                      
            E. Krattley (ULP Harmelen, NL)

(54)      Prevention of Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis in two Cypermethrin-based preparations                                       
            J.E. Allan   (Royal Veterinary College, UK)

(96)      Chronic oak poisoning (Quercus suber) in beef cattle: 21 cases (2014-2018)                      
            P. Simoes (CIISA, PT)


10:30-11:00   Coffee/Tea Break @ Exhibition 


11:00-12:30 @ Limousin


Housing: diagnosis of system weaknesses.  What and how to measure
Jamie Robertson (Livestock Management Systems, UK)

(42)      Hock lesions are a common problem in dairy cows in northern Germany
            K.C. Jensen (University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, DE)

(104)    Evaluation of natural phytogenic additive to limit the impact of lameness due to digital dermatitis
            A. Sartelet (Univeristy of Liège, BE)

(58)      Use of panel discussions to transform risk factors into practical claw health advices for farmers                                     
            T.H.J. Derkman (Royal GD, NL)


11:00-12:30   @ Dexter 11


Emerging viruses in cattle in Europe
Wim van der Poel (Wageningen Bioveterinary Research WUR, NL)

(92)      A new phase in the control of BVDV in the Netherlands - an update on the progress     
            L. van Duijn (Royal GD, NL)

(27)      Early activation of the innate immune response after vaccination with a new intranasal BRD vaccine
            P. Nuijten (MSD Animal Health, NL)

(112)    Reducing the incidence of BRSV and BCoV by 50% in Norwegian cattle herds                    
            H. Holm (Animalia AS, NO)


11:00-12:30   @ Dexter 21-22


Rationalising antimicrobial treatment for respiratory infections: steps to take today and tomorrow
Bart Pardon (Ghent University, BE)

(36)      The concept 'outdoor veal calf' decreases antimicrobial use and mortality and improves calf health
            M. Meylan (University of Bern, CH)

(47)      Farmers judgement used for evaluation prudent treatment of grade 1 and 2 clinical mastitis                                          
            M. Driesse (Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Netherlands bv, NL)

(30)      ESBL producing E. coli in dairy cattle                                               
            T.J.G.M. Lam (Royal GD, University Utrecht, NL)


12:30-13:30   Poster Presentations & Lunch @ Exhibition 


13:30-17:00  @ Galloway

Sebastian Claessens (Veterinary Practice Midden-Brabant, NL)
Petra Kock (Dutch Dairy Association NZO, NL)
Jos Verstraten (Farmers Association LTO, NL)

Moderated by: Sabine Uitslag (former member of Parliament,NL)