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Toolbox 2025"


Gala Dinner/Party Venue 

When you come to EBC bring your best gala outfit, because on Thursday night we will host a gala that will be talked about for years! The decor for this magnificent evening will be one of the last build late-neogothic churches in Europe. The St. Joseph’s church was built in 9 years, starting in 1850. The Redemptorist order of Den Bosch had grown so much that it desperately needed a new monastery and church for the 200 fathers living and working there. About 200 construction workers worked on the church under harsh conditions. 

The fathers were known for their fire and brimstone sermons. The story goes that one of the fathers, to invigorate his sermon, threw a human skull down from the pulpit onto the floor. The order was popular because welcomed all people irrespective of their parish. In the 1950s however the popularity of the celibacy diminished. There were no newly recruited fathers and by 1971 only 5 fathers lived and worked in the St. Joseph’s church. When they left, the church was no longer a place of worship. A number of rich Bosschenaren prevented the church from demolition and the city took ownership. The church was used for artists, popbands etc. Several inhouse fires of which the damage was not restored, greatly damaged the interior.

In 1989 the St. Joseph’s church was bought for the symbolic amount of one guilder by it’s current owner. It was restored, modernized and given it’s new name “de Orangerie”. The nave of the original church will be the stage of our gala dinner and party. 



St. Josephstraat 15
5211 NH ‘s-Hertogenbosch



  • Parkeergarage Sint Josephstraat, St. Josephstraat 1b, 5211 NH, ’s-Hertogenbosch (2 minutes walk, open 24h/day)
  • Parkeergarage Sint Jan, Hekellaan 25, 5211 LX, ’s-Hertogenbosch (10 minutes walk, open 24h/day)
  • Parkeergarage Wolvenhoek, Wolvenhoek 12, 5211 HH ’s-Hertogenbosch (10 minutes walk, open 24h/day)


Public Transport:

  • From ‘s-Hertogenbosch trainstation: Bravo-bus line 3, in the direction of Rosmalen via Hintham. Exit at Zuid Willemsvaart (4 minutes). Walk 350m: Start at Zuid Willemsvaart, go right onto Nieuwstraat, after 200m turn left onto Kardinaal van Rossumplein, after 60m turn right onto Sint Josephstraat. The Orangerie will be on your left after 50m. 


On Foot:

  • The Orangerie can be reached on foot from the trainstation in 16 minutes. (1,1km)


Shuttle Service:

  • No shuttle service will be organised by the congress.