"Your Veterinary

Toolbox 2025"


The exhibition will be held in the Foyer of Congress Centre 1931. This exhibition area forms the hub of the congress and provides an excellent opportunity to engage with professionals coming from all over Europe. The Foyer is ground level and has daylight. The congress rooms as Limousin and Dexters are accessible via the foyer.

In the middle of the foyer is a large catering facility which is open during the congress and the daily reception. The Foyer is equipped with a number of fixed tables with chairs and solid floor covering.

Minimum raw space:    6 sqm
Exhibition costs per square meter raw space:   Exhibition space < 20 sqm € 340,00 /sqm
    Exhibition space > 20 sqm € 300,00 /sqm


The price includes the use of electricity (one floor point 220 V - 50 Hz AC).


Minimum stand area for own booth construction is 16sqm. Please provide the following documents via in pdf-file via e-mail: exhibitor@ebc2019.nl

  • stand design / drawings to scale, complete with ground view including measurements, front;
  • elevation including height indication, cross section measurements;
  • electricity point desired;
  • 3D view, if possible. 


For exhibition space smaller than 16 sqm the use of standard shell scheme construction is required and the costs will be added above the raw space prices as mentioned above, as follows:

Shell scheme booth 6-12 sqm includes: Price per sqm € 31,50

  • White panels 250 cm high;
  • 1 spotlight per 4 sqm;
  • 1 fascia board with company name in one color and standard font;
  • construction and deconstruction.


Shell scheme booth 16-24 sqm includes: Price per sqm € 29,50

  • White panels 250 cm high;
  • 1 spotlight per 4 sqm;
  • 1 fascia board with company name in one color and standard font;
  • construction and deconstruction.



Free Exhibitor entrance badges are provided to exhibitors based on the amount of square metres purchased as follows: 

  • ≥ 24 sqm: 2 exhibitor badges
  • ≥ 20 sqm: 2 exhibitor badges
  • ≥ 16 sqm: 2 exhibitor badges
  • ≥ 12 sqm: 2 exhibitor badges
  • ≥ 06 sqm: 1 exhibitor badge

The exhibitor entrance badge entitles full access to the exhibition and poster area but not to the session rooms. The exhibitor entrance badge includes all catering facilities during breaks, lunch, parking tickets and free drinks at the reception that will be held after the daily programme and the Welcome Drink on 10 September 2019. Additional exhibitor entrance badges can be purchased for € 100,00 each. 



10 September 10, 2019    12:00 – 18:00 hrs

Opening  Hours Exhibition:

11 September 2019    08:00 – 18:30 hrs
12 September 2019   08:00 – 18:30 hrs
13 September 2019   08:00 – 13:30 hrs



13 September 2019    13:30 - 18:00 hrs

The exhibition service desk is open on 10 September from 12:00-20:00 hrs and on during the congress from 07:30-18:00 hrs. 

** All prices mentioned are excluding 21% VAT.


Please read the Exhibitors Manual carefully and use the Exhibition Booking Form to place your orders with us, and take good notice of the submission and approval deadlines listed in the Exhibitors Manual. Both the manual and booking form can be downloaded here


Exhibition     exhibitor@ebc2019.nl
Hester de Vries   +31(0)653 313 066
Karen Lagerweij   +31(0)622 972 723


EBC 2019 – Sponsor Committee:

Sjaak Uiterwaal     suiterwaal@Slingelanddierenartsen.nl
Bouwen Scheijgrond   bscheijgrond@diernartsen.nl